Mind over Matter


Explore the possibilities

Science has proven now the power of your unconscious mind.  If you imagine you are running then your body uses micro muscle movements as if you were running because the mind cannot distinguish between reality or imagination. History is steeped in documented fact of people who have been bedridden but by using their imagination have made medical history and recovered1.

However what if your unconscious mind does not seem as though it is on your side to deliver successful outcomes each and every time? For example; have you ever thought about the Law of Attraction but just can’t believe with authenticity and congruency to manifest the results?

Does your negative internal dialogue get in the way?  Remember intention gets attention.   Good thought or bad thought the universe will deliver.

Do you know that your breathing, your physiology and your state, influence your performance and behaviour and therefore your reality? Take a moment to imagine what possibilities that opens up.  So do want to create a millionaires mindset? Or believe you are slim or beautiful and successfully sculpt a new body shape? Or simply to believe you are healthy and be one of those people who experience “spontaneous but lasting remission”?

Then Mind Salad has the possibilities.

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