The Coaching Process

One on one coaching

Personal life coaching is very individual according to the outcome a person desires.  That is why I provide CARING, CREATIVE, PROFESSIONAL coaching tailored for YOU in a way that reveals to you the resources you already have. Yes that’s right, YOU already have these resources. I am simply the guiding hand that gets to witness you toss the grey matter, change your mind, achieve your outcomes and strut your stuff.

The big question is always how long does it take?  This is up to the individual. We are all different people made up of a huge variety of experiences, stored and interpreted in multitudes of ways.  Therefore our journey to change is varied also and there is no one stop blueprint.  Usually for a person to have lasting change you need an absolute minimum of 4 to 8 sessions. This is because the  original presenting issues, can sometimes not be the underlying  root cause.

Sessions can last up to 1.5 hours and can be delivered from my home in Highgate, SA or via Skype or over the phone.

I passionately believe we all have the ability to positively influence our lives and we all have the ability to achieve what we desire.

Professional Development Courses

From time to time I offer courses in Healthy Living, Dealing with Anxiety or High Performance Leadership.  I also deliver Process Oriented Coaching (Neuro-coaching) courses in conjunction with ‘The Coaching space’ Tasmania. If you are interested in a course please call me and I can tailor one to your organisation or company to ensure your requirements and outcomes are achieved.


For a FREE half hour chat on line or face to face discussion on what to expect please call me on 0433 6178 48.




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