“Kay is an engaging presenter with a great sense of humour who easily builds rapport.  She has a large amount of experience facilitating challenging but successful outcomes with small and large groups of stakeholders.  Kay is an experienced coach and mentor and relates well to people of all levels. In terms of work ethic she delivers as promised and does so with a sense of passion and fun that is contagious for those around her.” Senior Manager – Bendigo Bank

“I didn’t realise how much I needed Kay’s help until she started to uncover limiting self beliefs I didn’t know I had. I could actually feel changes taking place throughout my session. I now feel more confident and able to pursue the career I’ve always wanted. I would recommend Kay to anyone who is looking to make changes to their life or career.”
E. Petersen, St Agnes

“Two sessions with Kay was more effective than 6 months at the psychologist”
G. Bartlett, Aldgate

“Up until my meetings with Kay I never understood the negative unconscious feelings that had haunted me for many years. Kay has shown me ways to recognise, challenge and clear these feelings which has led to a clearer happier mind and spirit.”  S Schreiber, Adelaide

“After a life event left me devastated and anxious, my mind was on a merry-go-round, regurgitating events.  Kay gave me tips to stay calm and slay the dragon if it reared it’s head.  This helped me move past this experience and embrace the world with a new sense of curiosity and adventure.  I cannot thank her enough for helping me through this experience.”

A. Howkins

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