What is this thing – NLP?

How can I change my mind with Neuro Linguistic Programming?

All of us have beliefs in our mind (Neuro) that influence our reality that if changed, can give us a different result.  These are exposed through our language (Linguistics) and our patterns of behaviour (Programming).  NLP techniques  – teach you how to remove limiting beliefs to focus on the outcome you want NOT what you don’t want and/or to change the behaviours to achieve what you do want.

The simplest way I can explain this is by example:

Imagine two people are walking along a footpath and see a dog. One thinks the dog resembles a scary wolf. As soon as that thought hits their brain their body responds to that thought and their breathing speeds up. The change in breath pattern alters their physiology. The dog reading that change in the human as unusual or ODD, becomes nervous and barks thinking it is under threat. For the person -thought influenced behaviour and therefore reality.

The second person however looks at the dog and thinks it is cute and cuddly. Her breath is steady and her body calm. The dog senses this and wags his tail.

The dog is the same dog. The interaction is different and in a way both people influenced their outcomes through a chain of event..So by learning how to influence this change of events we can change our emotional state and our performance. Our beliefs then reflect our experience.

NLP techniques can help you learn how to remove the limiting beliefs and the patterns of behaviour that create your current situation.

“Change your thoughts and you change your destiny.
Dr Joseph Murphy. 1963, “The power of your subconscious mind”, (soft cover, page 13), Prentice Hall

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